About | The Compassion Trap

Feel trapped? Here's why

  • You are passionate about something but feel you might never get the chance to share it with the world
  • You can be thoughtful, caring, loving and understanding to the point of exhaustion
  • You secretly fear that if others do things for themselves you won't be needed anymore
  • You'll do anything for a peaceful life
  • You tend to follow rather than lead when it comes to certain situations
  • You are easily distracted by other people's problems
  • You are a perfectionist about certain things
  • You feel unsatisfied with your earning power

If any of the above resonates with you and you feel the need to escape then I am here to help you refocus on what's important to you so that compassion is not ruling your life but enhancing it

Why change?

  • Because your health and well-being may be suffering
  • Because you are starting to feel inferior as a result of not taking responsibility for your own career prospects
  • Because you feel resentful around others who are doing what they want
  • Because you have stopped feeling like yourself

So what can I do for you?

I act as a guide to help you use the experiences of movie characters to learn how to hone in on skills so that you approach situations differently with the aim of you achieving the freedom you need to meet your own needs and ambitions.

My story

I have spent the last thirty years supporting close ones and have learned how to detach or manage situations in order to cope, however a few years ago I went through a period of loss and my compassionate nature went into overdrive as a result, in a bid to recover I drew comfort and knowledge from certain movies that I had watched over this time and learned to develop a set of skills that have not only kept me sane but have resulted in me getting back out into the real world again with the intention of teaching others how to shine despite their compassionate nature.

Qualifications & Experience:

I am Lynn Anderton, a qualified life coach and mentor with specialist qualifications in movie therapy, positive psychology, assertiveness, self-esteem and confidence building. I have developed and delivered workshops and coaching programmes to individuals, mental health, housing and social enterprises with the support of The School for Social Entrepreneurs from which I graduated as a fellow on the Social Innovation for Health Programme.