Create Energy

Do you feel like you're on autopilot, distracted, obliged and weary with the day to day responsibilities that revolve around others and it's taking up all your energy as you feel you're just going through the motions because it's easier than asking for help or making your own decisions and you worry that when a crisis does strike or you really feel the need to make a change to your life that you won't be able to cope.

Why it happens

Because you have ceased to explore the emotional reasons why you overcommit then guilt has become your only driver and this creates the routine and mindless behaviours that keep you single minded about what's possible, even when possibility is staring you in the face you are unable to recognise it because you have become so preoccupied with what others may think of you.

The Formula

The impact our decisions have on others and the way we present ourselves is crucial, so if you want to be in control you must consider when making that decision whether it's in your own best interest or someone else's and the only way to break free and recognise possibility is to notice what your vision for your life is by finding your own answers through some powerful questions.

The Benefit to you

Is learning how to factor your wants and needs into the equation by developing the habit of thinking from a different viewpoint - your own because once you learn how to do this you ultimately rescue yourself - an example of this is what you are told when you board an aircraft about putting the oxygen mask on yourself before others during an emergency, this will seem like an alien thing to do if you are a selfless person but it's essential to others well-being in the long term if you are safe and well and this is how you need to learn to live your life in the future if you ever want to achieve respect and have the energy you need to achieve your own goals

How it works

This part of the programme has been designed to draw your attention to coaching techniques within a movie with the aim of helping you make the most of any future coaching sessions by using the movie as a visual aid to accelerate your actions so your get the results you want.

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