Events | The Compassion Trap

Want to get what YOU want for a change but feel stuck in a pattern of behaviour that is
advantageous to others but has left you stuck, resentful or with a general feeling of malaise.
We all want to be liked and to be considered caring and compassionate but sometimes it gets in the
way of our own goals, if this sounds like something you are experiencing then it's time to take a STEP
towards freedom by taking the opportunity to look at situations differently through creative means.

Movies make a very accessible tool to help you figure out what you do to please rather than achieve
and why you do it in the first place by simply helping you look at personality traits through the safety
of characters so you start to look at life differently which will in turn help you change how you see
yourself and ultimately help you start to realize your own potential for future success.

Choose from one of the following easy ways to access the freebie on offer:-

  • Access the exercise by clicking the above link to sign up and receive it into your inbox
  • Want to work through the exercise by phone click here to book your weekday session
  • Prefer to talk face to face click here to book a Saturday session held at these venues at the

given times:-

Rubens Coffee shop, 218-220 Town Lane, Bebington - sessions between 9 and 11pm
Rubens Coffee shop, 202 Telegraph Road, Heswall - sessions between 12 and 2pm
The Quaker Meeting house Café, 22 School Lane, Liverpool - sessions between 3 and 5pm

Please note the telephone/face to face sessions are 30 minutes and on a no-obligation first
come, first serve basis, the phone call with be made by myself to a provided number and all I ask
for the face to face session is that you patronize the chosen venue by buying a refreshment.

So start the year with optimism by doing something for yourself