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Save Time

Are you fed up of ending up in situations where you've been swept along by another's words and actions only to feel that once again you end up losing out, you feel taken for granted because of the time wasted but at the back of your mind you know that the truth was there all along only you couldn't help yourself because your nature dictated the outcome.

Why it happens

When we watch a movie and without being consciously aware of it we tell part of ourselves to believe the illusions, we willingly suspend our sense of disbelief, the reason we cry, laugh or cringe is because we have decided to believe in the movies reality. We also do this in our everyday lives, we make a decision - generally an unconscious one to believe in our perspective of reality because it's what we have always been led to believe and it's this that shapes how we approach situations sometimes without questioning the true reality, so much so that there will be times when you may be in conversation with someone and you perceive the outcome to be different from what the reality really is because of a long held belief.

The formula

The aim therefore is to teach you how to watch a movie with conscious awareness so that you address your need to be in the situation and let go of the resistance often encountered when hanging onto existing beliefs that are not serving your happiness.

The benefit to you

The techniques are designed to help you understand why you approach certain situations through your own response to movie characters qualities so that you learn to actively listen and identify how you see your own qualities within the safe environment of the movie and if needed take on other capacities that serve you better with the aim of developing a sense of ownership in terms of setting boundaries and how you can respond better to situations in the future.

How it works

This part of the programme involves you viewing a movie and recording your observations through the written word as a way of gaining clarity around how you attach to people or situations so you learn to use time more effectively.

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