Know your Worth

Do you often feel distracted by others people's requests or opinions, you want to spend time with them but it always seems to be on their terms, you feel obliged because you want to keep the connection going but your headspace is taken up with their needs and you feel that it's not really putting money in the bank because your career isn't going in the right direction.

Why it happens

Most of us make decisions too quickly because it's familiar and safe to do so, we are impatient to make something happen and this leaves us with the inability to make the right choice for ourselves because we aren't sure about our values. We all have a basic framework that we operate in but this can often become confused because we want to establish a long lasting connection either as a lover, friend, family member or colleague. This confusion can lead to an inner turmoil as we adhere to perceive how we want a particular situation to turn out rather than viewing it for what it really is.

The Formula

The aim therefore is to teach you how to adapt and review your value system through the experience of being mentored through a movie so that you learn to take control and reduce the need to feel overpowered by other people's requests or desires.

The benefit to you

The techniques are designed to help you make better choices by establishing self-control, so you get to choose what works for you rather than feeling that you are always meeting someone else's needs and rather than assuming that they will change their behaviour, the onus is on you to change your behaviour this in turn raises your self-worth and allows you to move towards gaining your own personal and professional success.

How it works

This part of the programme will mentor you through a prescribed movie so you gain a perspective around your choices and the impact they have on helping you realise your potential for personal and professional success.

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